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Strong Liquidity

A large portion of the buy and sell taxes goes straight to the liquidity, ensuring a healthy chart for holders. Having a stable price is very important, because it will encourage people to play the game on daily basis, knowing their rewards will always have value

Marketing Plans

The marketing wallet will ensure that the team has access to top influencers, crypto marketers and strategic calls when needed


Game rewards are the heart of our token, and will keep people coming back day after day. Thats why 1% of all buys and sells goes to rewards for players of our game


We will do a weekly competition for our investors to win some $CTRAP tokens!


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Wins & Giveaways

Just by holding $CTRAP you are a possible winner! We will be doing daily giveaways for our holders so everyone has an opportunity to win $CTRAP or $USD or spots for the Whitelist to upcoming NFTs


We will do a weekly competition for our investors to win some $CTRAP tokens! Might be a race tournament, time trial, or even a Gold Collector tournament. Be the champion of CtrapVerse and rule The Kingdom of Cat Trap!


Put your money to work for you earn up to 250%* APY. Payouts are made in $CTRAP

NFT Collection

NFT collection with cute TrapCats (from the game) will be able to be minted Q2 2022


TOTAL SUPPLY: 1,000,000,000,000 CTRAP
NO Buy Tax
Marketing & Development
Play to Earn Rewards
7% Sell Tax
Marketing & Development
Play to Earn Rewards
Token Allocation



Cat Trap is in support of the gaming industry – one where users and the core development team are both incentivized to work together to grow the network.


$CTRAP Staking with marketleading APY up to 250%* APY

Our goal with Cat Trap is to align the incentives between the players of the original game and the developers in novel and exciting ways. The mechanisms described above have one main goal:

To reward investors for interacting with CTRAP while simultaneously incentivizing them to hold on to their tokens so they can claim additional rewards in terms of $CTRAP.

*Expected returns based on past experience aswell as results. Yield varies over time. Invest at your own risk.

Decentralized Organization

Through CTRAP, Meta Axies will gradually evolve into a community-owned Decentralized Organization
This process occurs as CTRAP is distributed among investors and stakers, with the team ownership becoming less concentrated over time
The team will be able to vote with the locked tokens and staking rewards allocations. This will prevent hostile actors from disrupting the ecosystem during the early and crucial phases of development. We estimate that The Team will no longer have the Majority vote by March 2024.


Our engineering team is made up of top technical talent from Sweden. Many of our team members met through competitive coding competitions and hackathons in Sweden. Our team members are thought leaders in Sweden Blockchain community.
Decentralization & Blockchain
We chose Ethereum (ETH) due to the stability standpoint, and the audience and funds it holds.
We have learned from our experience while investors care about blockchain technology they are focused on the benefits it can bring, rather than decentralizing too many features. As long as we provide a tamper-evident distributed ledger that ensures scarcity and allows our investors to own and trade their assets it will be enough, for now.


Cat Trap is being developed by a team of whales from Sweden and is a technology-focused and has a longstanding record successful of in-real-life entrepreneurship.
The team consists of 20+ members and is operating out of HQ Stockholm, Sweden. The founding team consists of the following individuals: